Retrofit Services


With so much aging infrastructure, your facility could be handicapped by using switchgear that’s outdated, inefficient, and simply inadequate to meet modern equipment needs. And the burden of a full replacement of switchgear can be expensive and isn’t always feasible. For these cases, SAI offers Switchgear Retrofit Services. Our team of experienced professionals performs an analysis of needs specific to your facility in order to custom design a retrofit package that is right for you and your budget. Upgrades range from modernizing breakers to implementing full digital controls, making the most out of your existing equipment. Retrofits are typically less costly than full replacements and often require minimal downtime to perform. When it comes to switchgear retrofits, you can trust that SAI will get the most out of your current switchgear with the least amount of hassle.

Step 1:  Evaluate Existing Systems

SAI expertly assesses your existing systems and future needs. Select any to view details

  • In many aged Electrical Distribution Systems, copper busbar can be damaged, out of date and/or out of specification. In other instances, there may be increased power demands that will require an upgrade to the size of the bus allowing for additional capacity to meet your current and future power infrastructure needs. SAI visually inspects and evaluates the copper bus to ensure that it is safe, up to code and able to handle the overall power requirements of your distributed loads. In many cases, upgraded copper and bus bracing is the most cost effective solution. If you are adding to your existing line-up, SAI will install appropriations (bus and bracing) to accommodate the physical changes in your infrastructure for much less time and money than replacing the entire system.

    During a system evaluation, SAI will collect the manufacturer make/model information along with functional characteristics of the existing breaker such as physical dimensions, max frame/trip amperage, trip settings and communication capability. We then assess the breaker and cradle criteria of the new breaker. This detailed analysis allows our engineering team to ensure a successful retrofit.

    During the evaluation phase, SAI will assess your control scheme and recommend how to improve the performance of your system. In most cases, when breaker/bus upgrades occur, additional control/communication options are unveiled. Rest assured, we have experience with all control systems available, past and present.

    Understanding the site conditions often is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful retrofit. When designing to match an existing system, our experienced field technicians measure the existing system, evaluate our ability to tie into the existing bus, add all necessary bracing and make sure that we have the appropriate footprint. Additionally, we consider both installation and service clearance measurements in order to ensure ease of final installation.

    SAI has over 20 years experience retrofitting and upgrading existing electrical distribution systems. Our engineers will work with you to evaluate your existing system, along with your future needs and provide you with the best possible options for your project. Call today to schedule an evaluation and learn why many regard SAI to be the best electrical distribution retrofit/upgrade expert in the industry.

Step 2:  Upgrade Design

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  • When looking at the option to modernize, there are many factors to consider. SAI has the knowledge and experience to accomplish and upgrade in a timely and affordable manner. Our design and manufacturing teams afford you the ability to get exactly what you need. Your modernized switchgear will look and function better than the day you purchased it.

    Most electrical distribution systems over 20 years old have relay logic based control systems with analog metering and components. This aged technology in many instances, limits your ability to monitor and control your system remotely. SAI can provide partial or full upgrades to bring your switchgear into the 21st century with the control platform and metering solution of your choice, while assisting your team in the integration of important data into your building management system.

    Whether you want to review power levels or maintain control of your system, SAI provides you the ability to alarm, analyze and control from local and remote terminals. With these capabilities, your team will be able to identify problems and quickly diagnose them, allowing you to react in a much shorter timeframe.

    SAI is capable of supplying equipment with any breaker manufacturer due to extensive relationships and a variety of UL extensions and arrangements with these companies. Our knowledgeable engineers will assess what type of breaker best suits your facility switchgear. Upon designing your retrofit solution, our expert service team will install and calibrate your systems to insure proper functionality.

    SAI’s control architecture can be designed to talk to any existing building management system. Whether you are using proprietary systems, or an open architecture, SAI engineers will pull data from your electrical distribution system to your building management system so that you can alarm, analyze, and control virtually any parameter of your power system. If you are looking for increased functionality of your switchgear, consult our team of controls engineers, as they have over 25 years of collective experience with all major switchgear OEM’s and providers of Building Management Systems.

    SAI has a full staff of design engineers to work with your team. From start to finish, SAI takes a collaborative approach to design and implementation, delivering your needs on time and without a hitch. You only receive this type of expertise from a company like SAI with over 20 years of experience both designing new switchgear and retrofitting existing switchgear.

Step 3:  Solution Implementation

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  • Following the site evaluation and design of your retrofit solution, your dedicated SAI project manager will set up a final site prep walkthrough to review all aspects of the project with site personnel. Upon completion of this meeting, the retrofit will be scheduled and completed per your requested date and time.

    Once our service technician arrives at the site, the metamorphosis begins. Our service technicians can fully integrate the needed breaker configuration, metering options and control systems. We then provide your team with all desired data points for monitoring by your Building Management System. With over 20 years of retrofit experience, you will not find a more seasoned team in the industry to handle your switchgear retrofit needs.

    SAI has power experts on staff to design a site specific transfer scheme to transfer loads to and from your switchgear that will cause limited scheduled downtime throughout the process. In some instance, SAI has integrated temporary power solutions that have allowed zero disruption to the critical loads when retrofitting a switchgear line-up. Trust the professionals at SAI Advanced Power Solutions for your all of your critical switchgear retrofit needs.

    When retrofitting generator paralleling gear, SAI uses a controller that gives us the ability to upgrade generator sections in increments. The SAI AGC controller uses “first-on logic”; meaning that while each generator controller will be independent, it will be able to communicate with the other controllers. This eliminates the need for a master controller. With first-on logic, you will not be without emergency power for the time it takes to upgrade all of the paralleling switchgear.

    Other companies consider the job complete when the purchase order comes in and they sub-contract another company to perform the work. Not SAI. Your dedicated Project Manager is involved from the time we are contacted to do the retrofit until the time our self performing technicians leave your fully functional, upgraded system. They will make sure that you understand the scope of work being performed, insuring a smooth transition of old to new. Our PM’s have years of experience; you can have the confidence that your job will go smoothly.

    SAI technicians have a minimum of 5-10 years of experience and are proficient in all aspects of Electrical Distribution and Power Infrastructure Systems. Our technicians remain on-site through all aspects of the retrofit to ensure your system start-up is smooth and problem free. They run functional tests to ensure the system has taken the load appropriately and then overview the new system and its controls with your site personnel prior to leaving the site.

    At SAI, our engineering staff works for you. We will answer any questions, design the best solutions, and do so at the best price for your critical project. Whether your need is new equipment or a retrofit/upgrade of existing equipment, you can trust that SAI will get the job done right. From beginning to end, you will not find a better partner in the industry.