Integrated Solutions

You need an upgrade, but can’t afford to compromise the daily operations of your business. Coordinating and managing product and installation bids, vendor relations, schedules, and other resources takes time that you simply don’t have. The answer: SAI’s Integrated Solutions. We have the staff and knowledge to assist in product selection and perform turnkey installations of your facility power projects, whether it’s a new build, upgrade, or retrofit. SAI has over 15 years experience in integrating solutions, with top manufacturers of UPS, Generators, 480/208 Power Distribution, and Mission Critical Facility Monitoring all utilizing our skills and expertise for managing projects. We’re able to leverage our in-house team and extensive network of MEP engineers and electrical contractors to provide you with the finest engineered services for all of your power infrastructure needs. Trust the professionals at SAI to manage your next facility power project and deliver it on time and under budget.

Step 1:  Select a Product Solution

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  • SAI is your trusted advisor when it comes to specific generator needs. Our industry partnerships with Caterpillar, Cummins, Generac and MTU allow us to source the best solution for your site, delivered coast to coast. We take time to understand your local code requirements and emissions tier needs in your area. SAI also provides sound enclosures, weather enclosures and extended run fuel tanks to meet all your site needs. You can be assured that the product you buy is the product you need.

    Estimates have shown that just 1 minute of downtime can cost a company over 1 million dollars in lost revenues. SAI offers the best products available in the marketplace from leading manufacturers in the static, flywheel and rotary UPS industry. Our team takes the time necessary to understand your specific site requirements and provide you with the best overall solution at the lowest total cost of ownership. SAI also provides turnkey installation services giving you a worry-free project from beginning to end.

    SAI has 100 years of experience in Electrical Distribution Systems. We research your specific site need and configure our power distribution systems accordingly, saving you time and money. You will not find a better partner than SAI when trying to fulfill your power distribution needs.

    SAI works with the Healthcare, Semiconductor and Industrial marketplaces where power sags can cause unscheduled downtime. However, SAI understands that a UPS may not be the appropriate solution for every problem. We focus on the exact issue to provide the correct solution for our customers, often for less money. Furthermore, our systems do not use batteries, making them virtually worry-free once installed.

    SAI has developed a proprietary Energy Monitor that not only collects energy usage data, but also power quality data in and around your facility. You can see the result of a power fluctuation, sag or outage, but more importantly understand the cause. This information helps our customers better understand the problems/anomalies of their facilities and implement the appropriate solutions, helping them operate more efficiently.

Step 2:  Engineered Services

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  • One of the most overlooked areas in a facility’s critical power infrastructure is the building’s switchgear. When it fails, the cost of downtime can be staggering, making regular maintenance of your switchgear crucial. When considering whether or not to maintain your switchgear you must understand the cost of downtime versus the annual cost to maintain your equipment. In most critical environments, the cost of downtime easily outweighs the cost to maintain these systems. Trust the professionals at SAI to develop a maintenance program for you that makes sense for the facility and for your budget.

    Most Electrical Power Distribution Systems are not planned with protective device coordination in mind. SAI can provide a breaker coordination study to ensure your system is properly adjusted to minimize the impact of equipment failures and short circuits. Additionally, our study will uncover potential threats to your facility uptime requirements and allow us to implement changes to your existing gear in order to maintain maximum uptime for your equipment in the future.

    Protecting your employees and vendors from a catastrophic arc flash event is a topic of serious concern for businesses across America, as the awareness of NFPA 70E has become more prevalent. There are over $250 Billion in losses every year due to arc flash events and many these events result in hearing loss, severe burns and possible death. SAI provides you with a comprehensive study and training which brings your company into compliance with NFPA 70E standards, protecting your employees and vendors from a catastrophic arc flash event. Let the professionals at SAI work with you to conduct an Arc Flash Assessment at your facility and train your staff so that you do not fall victim to an avoidable accident.

    Thermal Imaging Photography identifies ‘’hotspots” in your electrical distribution switchboards, switchgear and breakers, allowing you to detect electrical faults before components fail. SAI provides this non-invasive fault-finding survey while your systems are under maximum load, to assess equipment performance when it is being driven the hardest. Heat build-up is an indication of an electrical fault that can be caused by poor mechanical connections, poor electrical contact, circuit overloading, inadequate ventilation or broken components in the equipment itself. By locating the problem quickly, you are in a better position to reduce the risk of fault, fire and a costly disruption to your business. Call the professionals at SAI to schedule your Thermal Imaging Survey today.

Step 3:  Turnkey Installation

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  • At SAI, we take the old analogy “measure twice, cut once” seriously. Preparation is vital to insure the successful execution of any project. We start with a detailed site survey of your location to measure existing loads and to understand desired levels of redundancy. We collect and notate all other important information (local code requirements, clearance issues if any, site timelines, etc…), so we can form the entire project scope. This holistic approach of understanding the entire power infrastructure (not just our part) gives SAI the ability execute a successful installation in the least amount of time possible.

    SAI understands that self-managing an infrastructure upgrade or build out can be extremely time consuming. SAI offers turnkey installation services of all Integrated Solutions products, streamlining this difficult process and saving considerable expense. When an engineer is required, our in-house team can provide fully stamped drawings that meet all local codes and municipality requirements. Once a solution is decided on, SAI works to provide an installation that is clean, timely and to code.

    Every SAI project has a dedicated project manager to interface with the customer. Your SAI project manager will work in lockstep with your team, providing expertise and support through all project stages. From the day you call us until the day we walk off of your site, your project manager will be your single point of contact. Trust the professionals at SAI to delivery quality products and worry-free installation.

    application engineeringAt SAI, our mainstay is Electrical Distribution Systems, but our engineers hold an in depth knowledge of facility power infrastructure as a whole. We understand the intricacies of critical environments and how each piece of equipment affects the whole. These value added services give us a clear advantage over our competition. You will not find another company in the industry with greater overall ability to support your critical power needs.