Custom Electrical Distribution Systems

At SAI, we don’t offer solutions in a catalog, we provide our customers with complete customization of their Electrical Distribution Systems. From start to finish, SAI customers are involved in every step of the process, ensuring they get the system they want – rather than the system other manufacturers are only capable of building.

Step 1:  Select a Product Type

SAI offers a full range of product types to choose from. Select any to view details

    SAI custom designs and manufactures Low Voltage Switchboards.
    - UL 891
    NEMA 1 to NEMA 3R LV Switchboards with ratings from:
    - 200A to 10,000A
    - 208V to 600V
    - 50kA to 200kA short circuit withstand  
    SAI custom designs and manufactures Low Voltage Switchgear.
    - UL 1558
    NEMA 1 to NEMA 3RLV Switchgear with ratings from:
    - 1,000A to 10,000A
    - up to 600V and
    - 65kA to 200kA short circuit withstand
    SAI custom designs and manufactures MBP and Paralleling Boards for UPS applications.
    - NEMA 1 to NEMA 3R with multiple breaker options
    Standard ratings:
    - 200A to 6000A
    - 208v to 600V
    - 42kA to 200kA short circuit withstand
    SAI custom designs and manufactures Paralleling Switchgear that can be used for Standby, Prime Power and Distributed Generation Systems and Main-Tie-Main (Utility to Utility).

    Low Voltage -UL 1558 and UL 891
    NEMA 1 to NEMA 3R LV Switchgear/Switchboards with ratings from:
    - 1,000A to 10,000A
    - Up to 600V
    - SAI controls- SAI AGM
    - 65kA to 200kA short circuit withstand

    SAI integrates Medium Voltage ANSI Metal Clad Switchgear.
    - Utilizes OEM bus structure and superior components from Schneider, ABB
    NEMA 1 to NEMA 3R, with ratings of:
    -1200A to 3000A, from 5kV to 38kV
    -25kA to 63kA short circuit withstand.
    -SAI controls- SAI AGM

    SAI custom designs and manufactures ANSI Metal Clad Switchgear.
    - Utilizes OEM bus structure and superior components from Schneider, Eaton and Siemens
    - Can be manufactured from NEMA 1 to NEMA 3R, with ratings of 1200A to 3000A, from 5kV to 38kV and 25kA to 63kA short circuit withstand.
    SAI custom designs Power Control Systems that extract mission critical information. Our control systems maintain full functional control of generator-sets, breakers and other third-party equipment while allowing you to modify to the parameters under which it functions.
    SAI custom designs and manufactures a wide range of DC Switchboards.
    - NEMA 1 to NEMA 3R
    - Ratings from 100A to 4000A, 125/250/500 V DC and 30kA to 50kA short circuit withstand
    SAI custom designs and manufactures a wide range of DC Disconnect Cabinets that allow you to isolate your battery strings from your UPS for added safety and ease of maintenance.
    -Built with ratings from 30A to 2500A
    Options include:
    -Multiple types of breakers
    -System trips such as Shunt or UV
    SAI’s generator cable junction boxes are designed to allow quick connections for a temporary or portable generator. These junction boxes can be built to any Nema standard.
    -up to 600A at 208V, 240 or 480V
    -Wall mounted
    -Free standing
    -Lug and cam lock
    -Power meters

    SAI custom designs and manufactures UL 67 Listed Panels for a number of applications.
    NEMA 1to NEMA 3R with ratings from:
    - 100A to 1200A
    - 208 to 600V and up to 65kA
    - Up to 65kA short circuit withstand

    SAI custom designs additional Breaker/Cell Provisions into your existing switchgear line-up. Whether your equipment is old, faulty or you simply need to expand, SAI can provide breakers from all major manufacturers and integrate OEM cell provisions, or build our own detail in order to get you back up and running fast.

Step 2:  Customize your Product

Custom design solutions to address every requirement. Select any to view details

  • With space at a premium, SAI understands a smaller footprint saves time and money, without sacrificing functionality. In many applications, SAI has provided a footprint that is 20 percent smaller than our competition’s.
    It’s your equipment – it’s your choice. Why settle for ANSI gray? SAI employs the latest technology in our state of the art painting bays that allow us to provide you with any custom color. Just vanity? Hardly, it’s about being able to delineate your equipment form others in a multi-tenant facility. Or maybe it is just vanity, either way, it’s your choice!
    SAI believes the choice is yours. We build equipment for all major breaker manufacturers, which allows SAI to offer custom breaker solutions to our customers. Whether you want Square D, GE, ABB, Siemens, or any other manufacturer, SAI can deliver.
    SAI has over a century of experience. We have performed thousands of installations. Very few are exactly the same, meaning the controls and metering must also be custom for each installation. We work with all controls and metering manufacturers, so that you can choose the brand, make and model of controller. Alternatively, let SAI program a custom controller to do the job according to the logic scheme and functionality necessary. Don’t let other manufacturers tie you into their solution; at SAI the possibilities are endless.
    SAI incorporates the latest in communication technology because we understand our distribution equipment is only as good as its ability to communicate with your building management systems. Whether you are looking communicate through SNMP, Modbus 422/485, Modbus TCP or any others, SAI designs an open protocol communications package that speak with any BMS system. Your equipment, your controls, your communication package…your choice!
    SAI not only designs and manufacturers our own electrical distribution equipment, we have the knowledge and the expertise to manage your overall site project. Our trained PM’s have years of experience working with Switchgear, UPS, Generators, ATS and Building Management Systems (BMS). We insure your Critical Power Infrastructure works according to design; saving you the headache and time that it takes to self manage the project. Trust the professionals at SAI to integrate your facilities next Critical Power build/upgrade.
    Most switchgear manufacturers understand one product…their own. At SAI, custom means custom. We understand every product that surrounds our custom equipment. Our national purchasing agreements with leading manufacturers of UPS, Batteries, Generators and ATS allow us to design your overall power infrastructure, bid multiple manufacturers, and provide you with one point of purchase for your Mission Critical projects. If you are looking for engineered services such as Arc Flash, thermography, coordination studies or maintenance on your power systems, we got you covered. Let SAI be your one-stop shop.


Step 3:  Build to Specifications

Every SAI product is built with the highest standards – yours. Select any to view details

  • At SAI, the possibilities are endless. Our in-house engineers have over a century of combined experience and will work with you during the build process to ensure your project is built your way. By taking the time to understand your needs, SAI is able to deliver a design faster than standard OEM’s with smaller footprints, more versatile controls, and shorter lead-times; all at a cost that makes sense.
    Our 75,000 square foot facility in Elmhurst, IL houses over $5 million of state of the art manufacturing equipment. At every stage of the build process, from raw materials to final testing, we use the latest technologies to deliver complete flexibility, fast turnaround times, and the highest quality products available throughout the industry.

    Seeing is believing. We welcome potential customers to visit our facility, to help them to truly experience the SAI Advantage. See how a project enters our engineering group as a conceptual idea and follow it until the tested equipment leaves our facility. Experiencing our process from inception to fruition will leave you confident in your decision to work with SAI.
    When you need it yesterday and no one else can deliver, contact SAI. We’ll deliver your product on your timeline. Because we control all aspects of our business from design to finished product, our lead-times are much shorter than the industry standard.
    At SAI, our dedicated project management team will keep your job on track and you in the loop. Every step of the process is tracked on a daily basis so you feel assured we are on schedule in meeting your critical delivery time. Coming soon, our customers will be able to track the progress of their project from start to finish using our automated web system.
    Many companies claim they have the ability to design and manufacturer custom switchgear, but few have the facility to test the finished product. SAI not only designs and builds Custom Electrical Distribution Systems, but we test all systems prior to shipment to insure full system functionality before it leaves our facility.
    SAI understands that every site is different. Flexibility is primary when considering rigging and delivery options to meet specific site characteristics. Whether we are shipping standard freight, lift truck, dock to dock, dock to staging area, or you need equipment craned into your facility, SAI has the experience and the partnerships to make it happen.

Step 4:  Expert Installation

Experience makes all the difference. Select any to view details

  • SAI prides itself on trouble-free installations and proper commissioning of your Electrical Distribution System. Our experienced field engineers will tediously review and evaluate all site details to ensure a smooth, problem-free delivery, and exacting pre-installation evaluation. As needed we will interface with your installing contractor to insure a successful installation.
    With every project SAI undertakes, we assign a project manager that will interface and manage your project with SAI. Your project manager will work side by side with your team providing expertise and support through all stages of the design, build, and installation of your system.
    SAI employs trained professionals that have years of experience integrating products with installation services in mission critical environments. We have built nationwide partnerships with industry leading electrical contractors across the United States with experience installing high end electrical equipment into the most complex environments. From conceptual engineering designs to successful installations, let SAI be your trusted and experienced partner for your next mission critical project.
    SAI offers optional Start-up services performed by our Factory trained field engineers with every piece of equipment we build. An experienced SAI field engineer will be onsite to bring the equipment online in a safe and reliable manner. In addition, our engineers can train your personnel on how to operate your system so they are comfortable with the equipment in its day-to-day operation. If commissioning assistance is required, our technicians can be made available to assist in that process. Optional first responder training is available so that in the case of a system alarm, they can assist SAI in trouble shooting the system. This ensures our mean time to repair is quicker, having you back up and running faster.
    Our technicians have a minimum of 5-10 years of experience and are proficient in all aspects of Electrical Distribution and Power Infrastructure systems. Mandated to extensive quarterly training, our technicians are consistently kept on the cutting edge of maintenance and repair procedures. Every technician has access to the extensive SAI database of previous installations and repair methods, improving our mean time to repair.

Step 5:  Ongoing Support

SAI provides full life cycle support on every product. Select any to view details

  • With over a century of expertise in designing electrical distribution and power infrastructure systems, our engineering team has seen it all. Our goal is to design the best solution at the best price for your critical project.
    SAI provides complimentary 24/7-telephone support. Any time you have an emergency or question that cannot wait, our team of experts will be standing by to help you. If we assess the situation and determine that it needs on-site assistance, with appropriate customer authorization, we will dispatch a service technician to your site same day/next day, depending on site location.
    While other companies only support you until the order leaves their facility, SAI remains your partner for the entire lifecycle of your product. If your problem requires on-site personnel, we will immediately deploy an emergency response team. Depending on your location, our field engineers are typically on site within 8-12 hours.
    SAI systems are designed with the highest level of quality and long life in mind, but even the best systems must be maintained. SAI will provide a preventative maintenance schedule that can be performed by in-house personnel, service contractors, or SAI trained technicians, to ensure system surety for the years to come.
    In many cases, our customers require our engineering expertise to help solve an in-house problem. At SAI, our engineers are available by contract to customers looking to take advantage of our years of expertise dealing with Electrical Distribution Systems. If your need falls outside of switchgear, SAI also employs specialists that understand all aspects of your building’s power infrastructure and can assist in conceptual solution design and implementation.